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Hillstone  Live Webinar

Build Zero Trust into Your Security with Hillstone

Tacked on all the walls, slogans, banners, and booths of recent cybersecurity expos was the term “Zero Trust”. Generally speaking, we strive to be honest and we strive to build trust, yet one of the hottest buzz words in cybersecurity appears to encourage the exact opposite – “zero trust”. What is this phenomenon, and why is it here to stay? 

Tune in to this month’s Hillstone webinar to learn:

  • Why ZTNA is one of the hottest industry trends at this time.
  • What Zero Trust Network Access aims to provide for enterprise security.
  • How the Hillstone ZTNA provides and manages multi-dimensional access control capability on an enterprise-grade security foundation.

Hillstone Networks joins the fray with its innovative ZTNA solution which can be enabled via a simple software upgrade. Users can now quickly establish the adaptive and flexible zero trust concepts, resulting in a more dynamic and resilient security scheme. Register for your spot at this month’s Hillstone webinar, and we’ll see you there.

June 29, GMT-5
(US Central Time)
10:00 AM

June 30, GMT+8
11:00 AM

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