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Sep 3, 2019

VMWorld 2019: VMware Propose the Modern Applications Portfolio Concept


VMWorld 2019 happened in San Francisco last week. The number and variety of sessions surpassed 500, and the main partners associated with VMware occupied the entire exhibition hall, and hundreds of computers in the hands-on lab were all packed.

“Our goal is to help customers build, develop and deploy their applications through the VMware Tanzu Portfolio (hereafter referred to as Tanzu), regardless of where they run,” stated Dr. Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware. It is the blockbuster, Tanzu, the biggest highlight of this conference, and a major innovation of VMware for vSphere, which plays a vital role in the future of VMware.

What is Tanzu? Tanzu can combine virtual machines with Kubernetes to manage virtual machines and containers in addition to physical machines. It can manage applications across physical machines, virtual machines, internal data centers and across multiple clouds to provide unified support for the workload. Tanzu will change the way companies develop, deploy, run, and manage software. It will help companies build modern applications, run Kubernetes in different environments, and manage all Kubernetes clusters from a single point of control, allowing companies to get the most out of their Kubernetes potential.

For Tanzu, VMware proposes the Modern APPs Portfolio concept:

VMware Tanzu (Slide: VMware)

Project Pacific, by refactoring VMware vSphere, embeds Kubernetes into the vSphere control plane, and integrates the container Runtime in the hypervisor, making it a Kubernetes native platform that natively supports Kubernetes while greatly improving the performance of the container. For those traditional VMware users who don’t have to choose between a virtual machine and a K8s container environment, companies are free to modernize application development and operations on vSphere while continuing to leverage existing technology, tools and skill sets.

VMware Tanzu Mission Control manages applications across all Kubernetes clusters from a single user interface, regardless of where they are running, virtualization, physical machines, or containers, including assessments of cluster and component health, access, and cost Management of policies such as backup and security.

Pivotal (acquired for $2.7 billion) provides a software development platform for building modern applications based on open source technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, so companies that want to use Kubernetes on vSphere can now adopt Pivotal’s PAS and It launched a PKS with VMware to develop K8s-based applications.

As a VMware partner, Hillstone Networks has successfully achieved VMware certification in the NSX guest introspection project integration. Hillstone CloudHive provide policy control, application protection and traffic visualization for virtual machines and services running on the VMware platform. With the continuous increase of cloud native applications, and the deep integration of VMware vSphere based on the virtual machine platform and Kubernetes, the partnership between Hillstone and VMware will continue to evolve. The ideal solution for security monitoring and analysis of modern application services in complex environments such as private, hybrid and multiple clouds has emerged and will evolve to address the changing app environment.