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Oct 18, 2018

Visualize. Control. Secure


Releasing NIPS 3.0 and High-end Models

To keep the perimeter of networks safe, a new version of Hillstone NIPS 3.0, in addition to three high-end models S3560, S3860, S5560 are now available, enabling Hillstone NIPS solutions to cover a broader range of mid-size business and enterprise deployment scenarios. Highlights in the latest updates include:

  • Spam filtering service – real-time detection, fast classification and blocking: The cloud spam intelligence database detects large-scale spam data in real time and generates matching signatures. After the device is enabled with the Anti-Spam function, it will download the latest spam signatures from the cloud intelligence center, remain connected with the Center, update matching data in real-time, quickly classify incoming and outgoing Emails, and block spam and phishing emails from spreading across the network.
  • IP Reputation Service – Multiple Risk IP Identification and Blocking include:
    • IP Threat Intelligence: record all types of risky IP traffic logs and block risky IP access to the intranet.
    • Multiple risk IP identification: zombie hosts, spammers, among others.
    • Update IP reputation signatures hourly to get the latest features of the IP threat intelligence.
  • Cloud Sandbox – Threat detection and prevention based on Hillstone Cloud Sandbox: Support threat detection for a variety of network application protocols, including Web, Mail, FTP and more. Support for rich file types: PE files, compressed files, Office, Java, Flash; Support for cloud synchronizing of threat information, which can block known threat types in real-time. Support file upload limits and threat detection-only based on file MD5 value.
  • Botnet Prevention Service – Discover and block Command & Control (C&C) connections: Perimeter scans traffic in TCP/HTTP/DNS protocols and performs C&C detection, discovers compromised hosts on the network, and prevents threats from spreading further.
  • Multi-dimensional security protection based on IPv6. Visiblity and control lend themselves well for overall, multi-dimensional protection. The latest updates provide richer visibility; fine-tuned control over users, apps, traffic; and ultimately, protection from multiple dimensions, including intrusion prevention, virus filtering, attack prevention, and an overall audit of internal user behavior.

Each of our product and solution announcements ensure that we are lock in step with market and cyber security dynamics. This latest set of announcements ensures that your network perimeter has the features, security and visibility it needs to protect your critical assets.