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Dec 7, 2023

Unraveling the Magic of Hillstone Web Application Firewall V3.4


Hey everyone, let’s have a chat about something crucial yet often overlooked in the cybersecurity realm – Web Application Firewalls (WAFs).

Inspecting MPLS Traffic: WAF as the Silent Watcher

In the world of data transfer, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is the VIP lane. The use of MPLS VPN technology allows for the logical isolation of existing IP networks. As MPLS VPN networks continue to evolve, the need for security protection at MPLS sites also continues to grow.

WAFs play a crucial role here by meticulously inspecting MPLS traffic. They sift through each packet, ensuring nothing suspicious is trying to hitch a ride. It’s like a silent guardian, ensuring your data travels safely in the virtual realm.

File Uploads: Going Beyond the Basics

File uploads can be tricky. It happens a lot that people can bypass file uploads protection by merely altering the file extensions.

Instead of merely relying on file extensions, WAFs have upped their game. They now analyze the actual characteristics of the file. So, even if a file claims to be one thing, the WAF digs deeper, checking for any anomalies. It’s an added layer of security that goes beyond the surface.

Countering Reverse Shell and SSRF Tactics

Enter the covert threats – reverse shell and Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attacks. A reverse shell is a type of shell in which the target system initiates a connection back to the attacker’s machine and is usually used to maintain persistent access or to issue commands to the compromised system. SSRF leverages a server accessible to the attacker as a proxy to attack other servers within its internal network. These are like the thieves of the cyber world, trying to sneak into your system unnoticed.

WAFs act as the digital bouncers, spotting these attempts and shutting them down. It’s a silent but effective defense mechanism that keeps your system secure from behind-the-scenes threats.

Additionally, WAF V3.4 improves operational efficiency by arming itself with lots of useful tools such as one-click POC test tool and one button to complete HTTPS site certificate chain configuration integrity verification. Also, it enhances performance via software-level optimization. If you’re interested, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller for more information.