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Sep 16, 2020

Unleash the Power of X10800 With New Service and I/O Modules


Hillstone Networks is pleased to announce the release of new service and I/O modules (SIOM*) for Hillstone’s innovative Data Center Firewall X10800. The modules greatly enhance the X10800 by providing higher performance, density and capacity, lower cost, better stability and easier configuration. The expansion modules combine the functionalities of two types of existing modules: the Security Service Module (SSM) and the Input and Output Module (IOM). The SIOM provides the receiving, fast forwarding, and distributing of data, as well as service processing, in a single module.

The SIOM Highlights

  • Increased overall throughput – the firewall throughput is increased from 1 Tbps to 1.2 Tbps; and the IPSec VPN throughput is increased from 300 Gbps to 500 Gbps.
  • Supported 10GE ports are increased up to 240 from 132.
  • With the same number of modules, the SIOM configuration provides higher performance (including firewall / IPS / IPSec throughput, new sessions/second, and maximum concurrent sessions) than the SSM + IOM configuration.
  • The SIOM configuration greatly reduces costs compared to the SSM + IOM configuration, but with the same performance. 
  • SIOM is simpler and easier in configuration than the SSM + IOM combination.
  • The SIOM provides better redundancy capability and higher stability.

SIOM Specifications

To learn more about the solution, please refer to the Hillstone X10800 Datasheet.