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Mar 16, 2020

Stay Safe. Stay Connected. Stay Protected.


In difficult times such as today’s health pandemic, we must protect our health, the safety of our loved ones. We must also keep sight of our business, our critical assets, and ensure business continuity and security. At Hillstone Networks, we care about the safety and security of our customers. So while the new normal is a home workforce, Hillstone is here to secure remote access with solutions that cover four major scenarios, so that your remote workers and critical assets remain protected.

Scenario 1: IPSec VPN connection between Headquarter and Branch Offices

Hillstone provides IPSec VPN that delivers a secure connection to the headquarters from all branches. The IPSec tunnel protects internal company data against potential external attacks.

Scenario 2: SSL VPN for remote users to access Headquarters

Hillstone provides a variety of VPN clients, supporting Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS platforms. The VPN client is automatically installed. After passing the identity / device authentication steps, employees can access the company’s internal network anytime, anywhere.

Scenario 3: CloudEdge vVPN for Virtual Remote Workforce!

HIllstone’s CloudEdge provides comprehensive security protection and virtualized VPN for the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the public cloud. vVPN allows customers the ability to use internal IP addresses to access all server regardless of the location of the server VPC. In addition, CloudEdge enabling rapid deployment, efficient configuration and multi-terminal applications. Customers don’t need any offline operations, and can go online as soon as within an hour, making remote office easier and more secure.

Scenario 4: Secure SD-WAN for Distributed Enterprises

Hillstone Secure SD-WAN helps multi-branch organizations quickly deploy a secure VPN network, anywhere. New branches can get up and running without the traditional delay of having IT professionals onsite. The solution provides multiple links, including private links, Broadband, 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G wireless connections with intelligent routing, based on policy and application. It actively monitors latency, jitter, and packet drops in real-time for each VPN link. Unlike other approaches, Hillstone started with security as the foundation. Security wasn’t a feature added to the solution. It is at the root of the solution.

With Hillstone, you can work securely from anywhere.