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Aug 19, 2019

Security Management and Auditing— New updates!


We are constantly improving our platforms to protect against the changing and expanding threat landscape. This round, we have focused our efforts around network security management and auditing with the release of the Hillstone Security Management (HSM) platform, version 4.1.0 and the Hillstone Security Audit (HSA) platform, version 2.6.0. These two new versions enable our valued customers, you, with more security management and auditing features to help ease the jobs of security admins.

A More Integrated Security Management Platform:

  • Tighter integration with third party servers
    • Forward all collected logs on HSM to third-party servers
    • Enable integration with other security platforms for a more robust security management solution
  • Deliver visibility into VPN disconnections
    • Provide statistical reports on the total time and counts of VPN disconnections
    • Enable users to accurately evaluate service online status
  • Continued report customizations
    • Users can customize the report creator other than the logged-in user
    • Users can customize the email content for the report
    • Allow for more flexible operations

More Comprehensive Log Auditing Scope and Access Control

  • More support and flexibility with Windows logs
    • This feature has support for Windows logs including Windows application log, system log and security log
    • Users have the ability to receive, store, query, and perform statistics, backup, export and other functions for Windows logs
    • Provide users with a complete log auditing scope
  • Allow for more robust and easy configurations for access controls
    • Make creating and configuring access controls much easier
    • Allow users to have secured HSA access through HTTPS