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Aug 16, 2023

Secure the Application Lifecycle with Cloud Workload Protection


How does your organization secure applications throughout the entire development lifecycle? If it is not done right, you run the risk of sending software to production before it’s safe and secure. That’s not good. Fortunately, we offer a cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) that can protect the application lifecycle from start to finish. We call it CloudArmour.

Software development is the lifeblood of your business. Your clients depend on you to produce software that is every bit as secure as your own network and infrastructure. You cannot do that if you don’t have the right tools and policies in place. So again, how does your organization secure the application lifecycle?

A Vulnerability Management Solution

Hillstone Networks’ CloudArmour is a complete solution offering unmatched security visibility, advanced threat detection, runtime protection, and even micro-segmentation. But one of its best features for application protection is its vulnerability management capabilities.

We have designed CloudArmour to give software and security teams deep insights into any and all security vulnerabilities. CloudArmour takes a good, hard look at containers, hosts, images, working notes, etc. Software teams can utilize the resulting data in support of a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) workflow.

CI and CD work together to achieve software development faster. New code is injected more frequently and with each new injection, code is vigorously tested and then deployed to a staging environment prior to production. You know all that. You also know how easy it is to lose track of corrupt code without a way to examine and manage potential vulnerabilities.

Addressing Risks Before Production

Thanks to CloudArmour’s deep insights, managing the lifecycle is made a lot easier. At the slightest hint of any security vulnerabilities, CloudArmour triggers alerts for the purpose of giving the software team an opportunity to investigate things. If a threat level is serious enough, images can actually be blocked before reaching production.

CloudArmour makes it entirely possible to pursue a CI-CD workflow without taking unnecessary security risks. When you throw in all its other capabilities, you have a CWWP more than capable of securing the software lifecycle.

Built for the Modern Cloud Era

The Hillstone Networks team is fully aware that you have choices. CloudArmour is not the only CWWP out there. But it is among the best, having been built for the modern cloud era. We think it is one of the best tools for understanding the cloud security posture in a software development environment.

Your company needs a modern solution capable of keeping up with ever-changing threats. Those threats are coming from everywhere, and they have a very real potential for disrupting the application lifecycle. Neither you nor your team can afford such disruptions.

We have built CloudArmour to be your one-stop application security platform. We would be more than happy to sit down and explain how it could be deployed to help your organization. We believe that once you see what it can do, there won’t be even a question about its ability to secure the software development lifecycle.

Another Great Cybersecurity Solution

CloudArmour is another great cybersecurity solution from Hillstone Networks. It is a CWWP we offer alongside micro-segmentation, application protection, state-of-the-art firewalls, advanced network detection response, zero trust network implementation, and so much more.

The software development lifecycle needs to be kept secure at all times. Your company needs the ability to get software from concept stage to full production without major security issues. CloudArmour can help you get there. Contact Hillstone Networks at your earliest convenience to learn more about this amazing product. You will be glad you did.