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May 6, 2020

Secure SD-WAN for Broader Business Scenarios with Hillstone HSM 4.4.0


We have reached another milestone of Secure SD-WAN Solution with this new release of the Hillstone Security Management (HSM) platform – version 4.4.0. The enhanced Secure SD-WAN Solution provides on-demand network orchestration capabilities along with other features that give control to admins to more easily deploy and better create and manage their SD-WAN networks.


Secure SD-WAN

  • Mesh Networking – With both Star Networking and Mesh Networking capabilities, Hillstone Secure SD-WAN provides on demand network orchestration satisfying all business scenarios.
  • SD-WAN Business Deployment – This new feature gives enterprise customers a competitive advantage by enabling fast Internet and Intranet service deployments.
  • Automatic Device Grouping – Devices can now be grouped automatically by geo-location or VPN network. In large-scale SD-WANs, this feature helps users efficiently manage devices within the network.

License Update

  • SD-WAN License – Controls SD-WAN features including Zero Touch Provisioning, Star and Mesh Networking, Authorization Management.
  • Professional License – Controls Automated Operation features including the Ticketing System.

Other Feature Updates

  • HSM supports for AWS environments.
  • Users can review tickets in the ticketing system in batches.
  • Admins can now configure MySQL memory usage.