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Jun 9, 2021

Reduce Upfront Barriers with Pay-per-Usage Licensing and Virtual License Management System


We’re very excited about the release this week of version 3.4 of our License Management System (LMS). The new version offers pay-as-you-go licensing for multi-tenant environments – like service providers serving multiple customers, or large organizations that want to bill departments separately for the services that they use.

In addition, LMS version 3.4 introduces a new VM-based version that runs in a lower-cost virtual environment, and other refinements for ease of use and administration. With these improvements, IT staff can more easily and flexibly manage licensing for Hillstone’s physical, virtual and cloud next-gen firewall and application delivery controller products.

Pay-as-you-Go/Pay-per-Usage Licensing

Service providers and other organizations are increasingly moving to network and application security-as-a-service models, which allows them to monetize these offerings or bill back to a department or tenant. With the new pay-as-you-go capability in LMS v3.4, tenants can be billed based on their usage of these services. The usage is updated daily by LMS, with monthly and yearly summaries.

Licensing is configurable via the LMS’s WebUI interface, or through RESTful API integration with third-party management interfaces. These options provide added flexibility – for example, service providers can integrate LMS licensing into their customer portal to allow self-service management of Hillstone NGFWs and ADCs.

New VM-based LMS

LMS version 3.4 also adds a virtualized model, vLMS, which enables quick and easy deployment in lower-cost VM environments. vLMS is available for KVM hypervisors such as OpenStack and others, and supports up to 1,000 next-gen firewall and application delivery controller devices.

Other New Features

The latest version includes many other new features and enhancements to streamline and refine administration and operation. Now, license installation policies can be configured for specific devices to identify which licenses can be applied to a given device. For example, administrators can choose to allow/deny licensing for IPsec VPN, anti-virus, botnet prevention, etc.

Batch import/export of licenses simplifies large deployments. LMS also supports import of multiple compressed licenses, and classless static routes via DHCP.

LMS version 3.4 is available immediately. Contact your Hillstone sales representative or authorized reseller for more information.