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Jun 19, 2023

Protect Your Data Center with Hillstone X-Series X25812


With the rise of cloud computing and big data, it’s crucial for data centers to handle surging traffic and stay ahead of emerging threats. Hillstone has responded with its advanced Data Center Firewall, X25812, which excels both in performance, security and reliability. Let’s reveal these new features.

Leading performance with unparalleled throughput

With the increasing popularity of traffic, firewalls take more efforts on load balancing and platform elasticity. X25812, a distributed architecture firewall, achieves 3.5T of FW throughput and 720 billion concurrent connection at full capacity, leading similar products in the market. Its three functional components – SIOM (system input-output module), SWM (switch module), and SCM (system control module) – are spatially detached but collaborating to forward, process, and analyze traffic. The loose-coupling design delivers obvious benefits in scalability and allows the firewall to handle high concurrency requests and peak traffic with ease.

Comprehensive security with advanced prevention

It is necessary to weave security deep in the data center and across the hybrid IT architecture to protect any edge of any scale. The X25812 offers a comprehensive set of Hillstone software features, including application control, endpoint identification and access control, user and device identification, QoS, intrusion prevention, antivirus, attack defense, URL filtering, cloud-sandbox and among others. Together, these features form a highly proactive and dynamic security system within the X25812, capable of meeting present and future security needs with a flexible combination.

High availability with full redundancy

One aspect of high availability is uninterrupted service. The X25812 ensures this by implementing redundancy and hot-swappable capabilities into all modules at the hardware level. At the software level, it supports In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU) to minimize downtime. Additionally, Hillstone’s innovative Twin-mode allows redundant data centers to operate simultaneously in different locations, guaranteeing secure data transfer, optimal resource utilization, and efficient switching. With redundancy at different levels, the firewall improves business continuity, and streamlines management in complex and critical mission.

Green and mean – saving the planet and your wallet

Sustainability is crucial for businesses and organizations, especially in energy-consuming data centers. The X25812 not only outperforms other vendors in terms of FW throughput but also exceeds the average in energy consumption ratio (4400W/3.5T). Its efficient cooling system is a key factor to achieve this – with front-to-back ventilation chassis and backplane fans that adjust speed based on real-time temperature, the design takes full advantages of internal and external structures, saving both resources and costs.

Hillstone X-Series X25812 is an excellent choice for organizations that demand high performance, security, availability and sustainability in their data center operations. For more information, please contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.