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Jun 21, 2021

New sBDS Enhancements Extend Data Center Security, Expand Threat Recognition Capabilities


Recently, Hillstone announced version 3.3 of its Server Breach Detection System (sBDS). This release offers important enhancements to threat detection capabilities and security for data centers, and further improves detections throughout the network by expanding support for more than 30,000 known attack patterns in its IPS signature database.

sBDS is an important element in a comprehensive IT defense strategy. It detects and helps mitigate multi-stage, multi-layer threats that target critical servers and hosts. The Hillstone Server Breach Detection System (sBDS) adopts multiple threat detection technologies that include traditional signature-based technology as well as large-scale threat intelligent data modeling and user behavioral analytics modeling.

In the latest version, the IPS signature database is expanded by more than 3X – to 30,000+ signatures – which enables detection of an even wider variety of data security threats. This new extended capacity significantly enhances the sBDS’s threat prevention capabilities.

sBDS version 3.3 also extends its threat detection capabilities further into the data center. VxLAN frame parsing and threat detection enables deep inspection into east-west data center traffic. Anomalous east-west traffic between servers can indicate ransomware, botnet and other attacks.

In addition, the new version includes MPLS frame parsing and threat detection. sBDS can pop up to 5 MPLS labels and detect security threats within the IP packets for both unicast and multicast traffic.

Version 3.3 of sBDS also enhances the Syslog reporting, allowing detailed evidence to be sent to an external log service. Logs now include detailed data such as botnet black IP or domain, botnet DNS tunnel, the total number of attacks, the URL information of abnormal HTTP requests and much more.

sBDS version 3.3 is available immediately. For more information, contact your Hillstone sales representative or authorized reseller.