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Dec 14, 2018

New Release of Hillstone Server Breach Detection System 2.6


Because cybersecurity is a constant beast, Hillstone continuous to update solutions to address these types of malware and their variants. Today, Hillstone delivers a new version of the Server Breach Detection System (sBDS) 2.6, with enhanced detection capability for ransomware, mining malware and botnet. In addition, a new Threat Topology is added for additional insights. For a specific threat event, the attack path is automatically restored, and the transmission path and scope of the threat are presented to help the administrator perform threat analysis and take a course of action. This new version is especially tailored to customers who struggle the most with Ransomware and Mining malware.

Highlights and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Detection Capability
    • Ransomware: Improved detection capabilities focus on ransomware, along with the ability to identify source client, as well as the ability to locate the process information for the ransomware, allow for faster threat response times.
    • Mining Malware: Combined with the source client threat, sBDS can accurately position the mining host and the detailed process information for the mining software.
    • Botnet: sBDS uses the botnet C&C detection function to detect any botnet in the intranet, as well as detect the botnet C&C server through the IP and domain name blacklist.
  • Attack Path Restoration: Users can view the transmission path of various threats, by generating a threat topology, which helps the administrator perform threat analysis and take appropriate and immediate action.