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Feb 3, 2021

New HSM Release Improves Security Management, Optimizes SD-WAN Controller


Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM) version 4.7.0 introduces several key improvements in security management as well as in its SD-WAN controller function. As a security management system, HSM broadens its device management capabilities through single sign-on to HSA and HSM devices, streamlining management. It also secures the communications between the HSM and the Hillstone NGFWs that it oversees. Further, it now secures the usage of the REST API via an authentication mechanism.

As an SD-WAN controller, HSM version 4.7.0 now provides fast branch device onboarding, better service access and deeper link visibility.

Feature Highlights for Security Management:

  • HSM now supports single sign-on to the HSA devices for management; it also supports single sign-on from a primary HSM to secondary HSMs
  • Communications between the HSM and NGFWs are secured through the HTTPS protocol
  • REST API access is secured through a self-generated token
  • The application signature databases of all managed devices can now be updated both online and offline
  • Provides better control of log management by allowing admins to decide whether or not to receive logs from managed firewall devices
  • More efficient policy operation by allowing a policy’s priority to be specified on the policy list

Feature Highlights for SD-WAN Controller:

  • Fast branch device onboarding via customizable ZTP templates to pre-configure devices before deployment
  • Better service access by providing configurable routing priority in a multi-WAN scenario
  • Deeper visibility by providing detailed visual statistics of tunnel link traffic and WAN link traffic

For more information on Hillstone’s Network Security Management Platform, contact your Hillstone sales representative or authorized reseller today.