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Apr 8, 2019

Modernize the Log Management with Hillstone Security Audit Platform (HSA)


HSA2.5.0 : Embrace IPv6

Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform(HSA) gives a unified overview of the network and system vulnerability to ensure risk visibility, guarantee account protection, comply with security policies and respond to any security threats in a timely manner. From network security to information security audit, HSA helps customers determine the effectiveness of their existing IT security solutions.

Today, we are proud to announce the release of the Hillstone Security Audit (HSA) platform, version 2.5.0. This new version embraces IPv6 to provide a complete security audit solution for your customers.


  • Support IPv6 Session & NAT binary log and syslog log
    • The binary IPv6 Session log and IPv4 Session log can be queried separately on Session log page.
    • The binary IPv6 NAT log and IPv4 NAT log can be queried separately on NAT log page.
    • A new PBR log page is added to perform query of both PBR IPv4 & IPv6 logs.
  • Reports Support IPv6 logs
    • Log Statistics Report supports IPv6 session & NAT log
    • APP Access Ranking Report supports IPv6 Session log
  • Backup, Import and Filtering features support IPv6 logs
    • New NAT v6 and Session v6 log types added for backup and import
    • In Log Filtering, configuring NAT or Session logs affects both NAT v4 and v6 or Session v4 and v6 logs.

HSA Overview

Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform(HSA) transforms log data into security intelligence with split-second searches that provide instant visibility into billions of log records. HSA collects and collates NAT, Threat, URL and Session logs and provides granular search capabilities that provide real-time visibility into network traffic.

Highlights and benefits:

  • Multiple Log Types: NAT, Session, Threat, URL, IM, etc.
  • High Performance Log Collection: up to 100,000ESP
  • Massive Log Storage: up to 16T
  • Convenient Log Query: Support multi-condition real-time query and display; Support real-name audit
  • Visualized Report: real-time monitoring and reporting

We will continue to make improvements to our solutions, adding features and use cases to address industry requirements and customer needs.