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Aug 12, 2020

Microsoft Recognizes Hillstone Networks Security Researchers in its 2020 World’s Most Valuable Security Researcher List


Every year, Microsoft officially releases its Microsoft Security Response Center Most Valuable Researchers, formerly MSRC TOP 100, during BlackHat in recognition of security experts around the world who have made outstanding contributions to the Microsoft software security ecosystem. Due to the pandemic, BlackHat was held as a virtual event, and Microsoft released its MSRC’s MVRs 2020 , as in the past. This year, two white hats from Hillstone Networks, Zhang WangJunJie and He YiSheng, were included in this prestigious list.

This is the first time Hillstone, a technology innovation leader in the network security industry, has been included in Microsoft’s list. It is a testament to the corporate vision of delivering security to protect critical data and assets, as well as the expertise of the security team and their extraordinary dedication to deliver services to ensure cyber security for all.

Vulnerabilities are the Achilles heel of the cyber world, and the ability to defend against vulnerabilities is the proof of the technical strength and caliber of security vendors. In recent years, the three major technology companies — Microsoft, Google, and Apple– have cooperated with security vendors and security researchers to encourage white hats to submit vulnerabilities for their products, in order to better protect the safety of all users.

They also publicly thank security researchers who helped them find vulnerabilities or bugs in their products. The vulnerability Thank You list has already become a stage on which global security teams compete. As a security vendor focused on innovation, Hillstone Networks is a member of the Microsoft Active Protection Program (MAPP), and reports various high-quality vulnerabilities to the three major manufacturers. Recently, Apple thanked Hillstone for a discovery in a vulnerability in the Apple iOS and iPadOS.

Hillstone Security Research Team

As a leading provider of Enterprise Network Security and Risk Management solutions, protecting our customers in a proactive way is our highest goal. Which is why we have dedicated so many security research team members and resources to uncover vulnerabilities in widely used products. We will continue to devote our efforts to safeguard global network security.