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Recently, Microsoft released their first April security update patch, including a vulnerability reported by two security researchers from the Hillstone Security Research Team. They posted their acknowledgement on the official Microsoft website. The associated vulnerability number is CVE-2021-27088.


Figure 1: Hillstone Security Research Team receives acknowledgment from Microsoft


Figure 2: Microsoft April security update patch

This month’s security updates will fix a total of 104 vulnerabilities. These include 16 high-risk vulnerabilities, 88 serious vulnerabilities, and one medium-hazard vulnerability that cover components such as Windows operating system, Exchange Server, Azure, Office, SharePoint Server, Hyper-V, Visual Studio and Edge. These security hazards are wide-ranged and serious. It is recommended that users update the patches in a time fashion.

Hillstone Security Research Team

As a leading provider of Enterprise Network Security and Risk Management solutions, protecting our customers in a proactive way is our highest goal. This is why we have a focused security research team and resources that are dedicated to uncovering vulnerabilities in widely used products globally. We will continue to devote our efforts to safeguard global network security.


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