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Latest NIPS Hardware Platform Maximizes Your Threat Detection Capability

The recently released V4.1 offers a new generation of NIPS hardware that utilizes the latest multi-core processor to provide multiple high-density interfaces, meaning the NIPS V4.1 is capable of administering a powerful processing solution that enables deep visibility for optimizing security. Through all the updates, security is still our foundation. These devices continue to supply advanced threat detection and intrusion prevention for all organizations, regardless of industry or size. 

Our NIPS V4.1 comes as the S1900, S2700, and S3500.  These devices possess throughputs ranging from 3.8 Gbps – 17 Gbps, sustain concurrent sessions ranging from 1.2 million – 8 million, possess local storage ranging from 500 GB – 1 TB, and sustain new connections per second ranging from 45,000 – 130,000. NIPS V4.1 utilizes its multi-core processor to substantially boost the efficiency of SSL encryption/decryption, while augmenting the business processing speed. By doing so, the NIPS V4.1 can simultaneously guarantee security, stability, and efficiency.

Hillstone’s NIPS advanced threat detection capabilities continues to expand, with its coverage now encompassing more known/unknown threats than ever before, resulting in a device we can confidently say is user aware, application aware, and risk aware. Since the NIPS allows for interaction with our cloud intelligence products, the loop of continuous optimization can ensue.

As threats continue to evolve, we too must adapt. The state-of-the-art NIPS will undoubtedly help your business see, understand, and act on today’s ever-evolving cyber threats.

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