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Aug 16, 2022

iSource V2.0R7: Immediately Experience Security that Works


The purpose of cybersecurity is to…well, secure an enterprise from vulnerabilities. As such, the most logical and productive way of doing this is by being able to detect threats, understand them, and delineate the appropriate response to mitigate these threats. As the D&R sub-category of products have gone through various stages of evolution, XDR – extended detection & response –stands out as the most effective solution at the lowest cost. Hillstone’s XDR solution – iSource – has received a new version 2.0R7 that will greatly improve the visibility, comprehension, and response capabilities necessary to tackle this age of increasing threats, both in terms of volume and in terms of complexity. 

Refine the XDR’s ability to “see”.

Before figuring out how to secure assets in the most efficient manner, it is critical to figure out what assets are currently in existence and which ones may require what levels of security. iSource V2.0R7 is now able to proactively scan unknown assets to find new assets as well as scan asset inventory to update assets. Assets and threat events can now be added to a “favorites” list for further analysis and detailed attention. All of this enables a more complete assets discovery and update workflow. iSource V2.0R7 will seamlessly display what assets need protection and streamline the configuration process.

Leverage a security product that easily works.

An XDR stands out as a D&R solution because of its ability to integrate data from various existing security products. XDR in theory is supposed to have strong 3rd party integration capabilities, and possesses a superior ability of analyzing siloed data and contextualizing it. iSource V2.0R7’s hierarchical management capability brings this theory to life, enabling the platform to more easily collect data from integrated platforms. This, in turn, provides comprehensive and integrated management to large organizations, and promotes joint protection against threats. Activate the power and potential of all your existing security products through iSource V2.0R7.

Augment the XDR’s ability to act.

Given the threat landscape is rapidly changing, and novel threats with new amelioration tactics are constantly popping up left and right, the most important thing for security solutions is for them to be adaptable. iSource V2.0R7 introduces the ability to set a validity period for playbooks. Once the validity period of a playbook has expired, actions undertaken by the XDR will cease to follow said playbook. This capability removes the need to constantly delete, edit, and re-edit playbook after playbook for new and unpredictable situations. By requesting a manual confirmation of the playbooks, it avoids mis-operation of playbook actions. Delineate actions more effectively and efficiently by adjusting the viability time frame of playbooks.

Proactively defend with threat hunting.

When we think about cybersecurity defense, the image of a wall being set up, or the idea of whack-a-mole come to mind. However, with threat hunting, security teams can look into advanced threats by proactively scouring through networks. Known threats are only a small portion of the threats that exist. iSource V2.0R7 has threat hunting enabled. It can sift through threat information by external IP, internal assets, domain names, and file MD5, as well as display all relevant information including threat events, hotspot information, assets information, etc., offering comprehensive and timely threat intelligence for analysis. Plan ahead and defend by taking the fight to the threats, instead of waiting for the threats to arrive.

Hillstone iSource allows security teams to see comprehensively across all their assets with unified data collection from multiple security products. It contextualizes data and makes it actionable by running it through advanced ML-driven threat correlation analytics. Finally, iSource enhances a security team’s ability to nullify the discovered threats by streamlining security orchestration and enables cohesive responses. Hillstone iSource is capable of securing an organization’s networks and devices. For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.

To learn more about the product, please refer to the Hillstone iSource Release Note, Hillstone iSource Product Introduction, and Hillstone iSource Datasheet.