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Mar 4, 2024

Is Your Industry One of the Most Targeted by Cybercriminals?


While every business and non-business organization needs to stay on top of cybersecurity, the fact is that not all industries are targeted equally. Some industries are more susceptible to cyber-attacks than others. How about yours? Is it among the most targeted?

The healthcare industry tops most lists of target industries for cybercrime. But surprisingly, 2023 data puts healthcare in the 6th position on the list of top 10 most targeted industries. Healthcare being on the list is not surprising. The industry collects a ton of personal information on billions of people globally. It is all information that hackers could utilize to their advantage.

Nonetheless, healthcare lags behind five other industries. We have listed those industries below. As you continue reading, bear in mind that Hillstone Networks is a cybersecurity specialist. We collaborate with clients around the world to implement security measures that include micro-segmentation, zero trust network access, extended detection and response, and more.

5. Retail and Wholesale

The best way to approach the most targeted industries is to start at number 5 and count down from there. Taking the fifth position are retail and wholesale. Some 8.7% of all cyber-attacks are launched against retailers and wholesalers. Unsurprisingly then, threat actors take advantage of online commerce to launch their attacks.

Strong online sales continue at both the retail and wholesale levels. Not only that, but wholesale and resale transactions also offer a treasure trove of data that hackers can utilize to steal large sums of money. It is no wonder they target this particular industry.

4. Energy

Approximately 10.7% of global cybersecurity attacks are launched against companies in the energy sector. There are two big challenges here: protecting against financial losses and maintaining system integrity in order to keep the lights on, so to speak. Energy sector companies are threatened by data breaches, ransomware attacks, and even state-sponsored attacks designed to shut them down.

3. Professional, Business, and Consumer Services

Taking the number 3 slot at 14.6% of global cybersecurity attacks is the service industry. All types of services targeting professionals, businesses, and consumers are subject to attack. What do threat actors hope to gain? Data that can be sold on the black market or used directly by hackers to steal.

This particular industry is one that organizations need to pay special attention to. For instance, a company could go to great lengths to maintain a highly robust security posture, but there is little it can do about vendors. Any vendors supplying professional or business services to that company could represent a weak point in the cybersecurity chain.

2. Finance and Insurance

Few in our industry would be surprised to learn that finance and insurance is second on the list of most targeted industries, at 18.9%. Like healthcare, the finance and insurance industry has no choice but to collect and store tons of valuable data cybercriminals would love to get their hands on. The data is very valuable on the black market.

1. Manufacturing

Surprisingly, manufacturing takes the top spot for most targeted industries. Roughly 24.8% of all cyber-attacks are launched against manufacturers. Threat actors are looking for customer information, trade secrets, intellectual property, etc. Quite often, they target industry with ransomware attacks in hopes of gaining a quick financial score.

No doubt cybersecurity continues to be a major concern in 2024. Hillstone Networks takes the position that being proactive is the best way to defend an organization against attack. Do not wait until something happens to take action. Beef up your defenses now so that your organization isn’t the next victim.