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Oct 24, 2023

Introducing Hillstone X25803 Data Center Firewall: Innovative Excellence in Security and Performance


In a world where the digital realm is expanding at an unprecedented pace, the challenges of ensuring robust security, high performance, and energy efficiency have never been more pressing. Enter the Hillstone X25803 Data Center Firewall(DCFW), a mighty innovation designed to address these challenges head-on. With a keen focus on optimizing performance and fortifying security, the X25803 reshapes the boundaries of data center firewall capabilities. Join me on an exploration of the features of Hillstone’s latest addition to its data center firewall portfolio-the X25803 Data Center Firewall, an innovation for excellent security and performance.


As data-intensive applications continue to dominate the digital landscape, the need for firewalls that can handle enormous amounts of traffic, rapidly establish and manage sessions, and safeguard critical data becomes paramount. Hillstone X25803 data center firewall is a high-performance DCFW that supports up to 880 Gbps of firewall throughput, 5 millions of new sessions per second, and concurrent sessions of 180 Million. This 5U firewall offers up to 12 100GE and 60 10GE I/O ports in a space-efficient design, making it the ideal choice for data center security in large enterprises, service providers, and government sectors. This high-performance ensures smooth business operations while safeguarding the secuirty of your data centers.

High Availability

The evolving digital landscape presents businesses with an unyielding demand for seamless connectivity and service availability. However, the challenge lies in ensuring that network infrastructure remains resilient even in the face of unexpected failures. Device malfunctions or sudden disruptions can lead to costly downtime and compromised user experiences. The Hillstone X25803 data center firewall stands as a solution to these challenges. Just like its counterparts within the Hillstone X series DCFW, Hillstone X25803 incorporates high availability into its hardware and software design. It features a modular design that incorporates redundancy and hot-swappability for all modules. This enables administrators to replace components on-the-fly, eliminating the need for extended downtimes. Moreover, it offers redundant deployment schemes including active/passive and active/active peer modes. This capability mitigates the impact of device failures by seamlessly redirecting traffic and responsibilities to operational units, ensuring consistent services.

Scaling Performance

As organizations strive to keep pace with the accelerating digital landscape, the challenge of scaling network performance to accommodate rising traffic needs becomes a paramount concern. Built upon Hillstone’s innovative, fully distributed architecture, Hillstone X25803 data center firewall provides scalability to help organizations meet their growing traffic needs. With a single Service and Input/Output Module(SIOM), it can achieve an impressive 295 Gbps of firewall throughput and support up to 60 million concurrent sessions. The availability of 3 SIOM slots facilitates future expansion and growth of the network demand, providing unrivaled investment protection.

AI-powered Threat Detection and Analytics

The increasing prevalence of advanced attacks, including zero-day attacks and threats hidden in encrypted traffic, presents a major challenge for organizations. Conventional security solutions often fall short, leaving organizations vulnerable to risks and potential breaches. Hillstone X25803 data center firewall leverages AI technology to provide Machine Learning (ML)-based threat detection for encrypted traffic without the need for decryption, intelligent DDoS, and DGA protection. ML-based threat detection and intelligent analysis help organizations improve the efficiency and accuracy of threat detection and better defend against known and unknown threats. Furthermore, Hillstone X25803 data center firewall provides an array of other advanced security features, including intrusion prevention, URL filtering, high-performance antivirus, and botnet C&C prevention, enabling protection against a wide range of threats.

Environmentally Sustainable Security

In today’s technology landscape, where power demands surge and environmental concerns loom large, the challenge of marrying high-performance capabilities with minimal power consumption becomes crucial. The Hillstone X25803 stands as an innovative answer to this challenge. It adopts a front and rear ventilation design to improve heat dissipation efficiency. The fan trays are intelligently adjustable based on the temperature of the CPUs in different areas to ensure balanced heat dissipation across the device. This helps organizations optimize energy efficiency.

The Hillstone X25803 Data Center Firewall delivers high performance, high availability, modular scalability, and comprehensive security, all in an innovative platform. With an unwavering focus on excellence, Hillstone X25803 ensures the seamless efficiency and security of your data centers. Experience the power of the Hillstone X25803 data center firewall – a remarkable blend of unparalleled security and extraordinary performance. For more information, please contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.