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Aug 6, 2023

Introducing Hillstone CloudArmour V1.0R3: Fortify Your Cloud Security with Advanced CWPP Capabilities


As organizations embrace the potential of cloud computing, they also face an increasingly complex landscape of cyber threats, making robust cloud security a paramount concern. In response to these challenges, we are excited to unveil the latest version of our Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) solution – Hillstone CloudArmour V1.0R3. Packed with a suite of robust features, CloudArmour offers comprehensive protection for your cloud workloads, empowering you to safeguard your cloud-native appplications with confidence. In this blog, we will delve into the exciting new enhancements and functionalities that CloudArmour brings to strengthen your cloud security.

Expanded Threat Prevention

Anti-virus has been top-of-mind for most organizations. Incorporating a vital component of CWPP solutions, the latest release of Hillstone CloudArmour V1.0R3 introduces advanced Anti-virus capability for hosts and images. This real-time protection offers a comprehensive defense against an extensive array of threats, including viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, and spyware. This extra layer of robust protection ensures a secure and safeguarded cloud environment. Furthermore, CloudAmour significantly boosts security operation efficiency by streamlining intrusion attack detection. It simplifies the identification of abnormal logins, web shells, reverse shells, and local privilege escalations, while also offering detailed event information and effective incident handling options. This optimization not only enhances threat monitoring but also empowers security teams with an efficient system.

Container Access Control

In the realm of container security, one vital aspect that cannot be overlooked is the robust implementation of Kubernetes admission control—the gatekeeper that safeguards your containerized applications from potential threats. As organizations embrace the power of Kubernetes to orchestrate their cloud-native environments, we are thrilled to announce our latest advancement: Kubernetes Admission Control. Designed to provide an impenetrable shield around your Kubernetes clusters, this powerful feature addresses non-compliant configurations, vulnerabilities, and virus risks that may arise when organizations create or update pod resources within your cluster. By implementing this measure, CloudArmour ensures that only trusted container images can be deployed, bolstering the overall security of your Kubernetes environment.

Automated Asset Inventory

In the dynamic landscape of cloud security, effective asset management stands as the cornerstone of a robust defense against modern cyber threats. With the latest update, CloudAmour revolutionizes asset management by offering automated inventory for accounts, processes, web resources, and databases. Empowering security teams with proactive capabilities, this feature enables swift identification and resolution of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security risks across all tracked assets, reinforcing the overall security posture.

Advanced Risk Management

Amidst the boundless possibilities of the cloud, one fundamental truth remains: weak password protection poses a formidable threat to data security. Hackers continuously scan for weak passwords, and if successful, they can breach the system, steal sensitive information, disrupt services, or even take control of the entire cloud infrastructure. To combat this, Hillstone CloudArmour introduces an advanced weak password detection capability. Security operators can create personalized weak password dictionaries by inputing or importing weak passwords, or define rules for automatic weak password generation. By intelligently combining these dictionaries and generators, CloudAmour rapidly scans the environment for weak passwords, bolstering the organization’s defense and reducing the risk of security incidents.

In addition to these new functionalities, CloudAmour also brings powerful integration capabilities. It offers seamless access to crucial information for third-party platforms through API interfaces. This fosters a cohesive and interconnected security ecosystem, allowing organizations to leverage their existing tools efficiently. Moreover, CloudAmour integrates effortlessly with Hillstone iSource XDR solution, incorporating Single Sign-On (SSO) support. This simplifies the authentication process and paves the way for future integrations.

Hillstone CloudAmour CWPP solution delivers comprehensive protection and streamlined operations for your cloud environment. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and secure your applications and services with CloudArmour’s powerful features. For more information, please contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.