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Dec 13, 2021

Hillstone Networks A2700 and A2800 NGFW Elevate Performance through SW and HW Upgrades


Hillstone Networks is delighted to announce their latest installment in their award winning next-gen firewalls. Hillstone continues to advance its next gen firewall line by tweaking the hardware to improve performance, and updating the NGFW capabilities.  Take a look through the key highlights below of the 10Gbps firewall throughput A2700 and 16Gbps firewall throughput A2800 to understand why Hillstone was inaugurated into the visionary quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls this year.

Hardware upgrades.  A2700 and A2800 possess front and rear-end ventilation to assist with product performance by regulating the temperature. Next, the A-series has heavily bolstered its performance specifications, such as increasing its firewall throughput, number of maximum concurrent sessions, and iPS throughput capacity. In comparison to the E-series, the A2700 and A2800 have a higher density I/O interface. Additionally, these NGFWs possess SSL decryption hardware acceleration capability, relieving CPU-intensive tasks from servers on the enterprise network. Finally, by possessing a malleable software ecology, the A-series firewalls can easily be integrated with key features of other products, such as AAA, centralized management, Syslogs etc.

Excellent Expansion Capability. We understand the changes of an enterprise are changing ever so quickly. As such, we allow for very flexible upscaling of the security workflow while being conscious of managing TCO. For example, the eMMC 8GB of standard storage can easily be expanded to the Hard Drive option, which can provide up to 2TB of additionally storage. This increase in repository allows for the extra storage of sandbox logs, network logs, events logs, and others.

Advanced Threat Protection. Comprehensive pre-breach, breach level, and post-breach mitigation solutions are available, allowing the A2700 and A2800 to protect against known and unknown malware. In a pre-breach environment, the devices can leverage intelligence from IPS, IP reputation, URL filtering, and others to identify potential threats in advance. When a breach has been identified, the devices can leverage cloud sandbox technology to execute unknown samples of malware. From there, the A2700 and A2800 intelligent engines can mitigate the current threat. Finally, the devices will identify malware behavior and engineer policies to mitigate future instances of said threats. In post-breach scenarios, A2700 and A2800 can leverage botnet C&C prevention technology to mitigate bots that are lurking in the environment.

Intelligent Policy Operations. Security operations can be complicated and occasionally difficult to establish thoroughly. As such, we’ve integrated remediation technologies such as the policy assistant, ability to aggregate and group policies, automation of user policy deployment, and policy analysis + dupe check allow for a more streamlined creation and execution of policies.