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We are proud to announce the release of the Hillstone CloudEdge License Management (LMS), version 3.2. The LMS solution provides a flexible, efficient and automatic solution to centrally manage licenses for the CloudEdge deployed inside the cloud, no matter the deployment scenario or environment.


  • Public Network License Management – Online license real-time delivery and verification
  • Private Network License Management – Verify, issue, recycle and manage licenses in batches, not affected when VNF moves
  • Full visibility and automatic control of licenses and their usage
  • Serve as the signature update server for CloudEdge without Internet access

LMS 3.2 new features: Hassle-Free License Management

  • Improved License Utilization
    • Provide a cascading mechanism that allows license borrowing from or lending out to another LMS, greatly increasing the utilization of purchased licenses
  • High Availability
    • The new HA feature protects critical data, including license status, device status, borrowing/lending information, from losing when single LMS device breaks
  • Ease of usage with syslog forwarding to log servers
  • Better troubleshooting with more important information displayed in logs including VNF IP addresses, SN and VSN

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