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Dec 12, 2019

Hillstone License Management System (LMS) Simplifies Your Virtual Firewall License Distribution and Recycling


We are proud to announce the release of the Hillstone CloudEdge License Management (LMS), version 3.2. The LMS solution provides a flexible, efficient and automatic solution to centrally manage licenses for the CloudEdge deployed inside the cloud, no matter the deployment scenario or environment.


  • Public Network License Management – Online license real-time delivery and verification
  • Private Network License Management – Verify, issue, recycle and manage licenses in batches, not affected when VNF moves
  • Full visibility and automatic control of licenses and their usage
  • Serve as the signature update server for CloudEdge without Internet access

LMS 3.2 new features: Hassle-Free License Management

  • Improved License Utilization
    • Provide a cascading mechanism that allows license borrowing from or lending out to another LMS, greatly increasing the utilization of purchased licenses
  • High Availability
    • The new HA feature protects critical data, including license status, device status, borrowing/lending information, from losing when single LMS device breaks
  • Ease of usage with syslog forwarding to log servers
  • Better troubleshooting with more important information displayed in logs including VNF IP addresses, SN and VSN