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Apr 10, 2018

Hillstone Adds Botnet C&C Prevention to StoneOS


Today, botnet requires more than just static signature based security protection. The modern botnet is essentially a collection of proxies and hosts that are the battleground for attackers and their malicious objectives.

The compromised systems are called “bots” and tied to a command and control (C&C) server. The C&C server is used by attackers to send out instructions for the bots to execute. Once controlling the C&C server, attackers can wreak havoc of intranet by ultimately stealing data or running ransomware.

Botnet creates havoc in network and business at hand, including:

  • Business extortion
  • Enterprise resource consumption
  • Data theft
  • Malicious program execution

Hillstone, by adding layers of protection to your network, now offers botnet C&C prevention solution in the latest release of its Operating System (StoneOS), which including:

  • Effectively discover intranet bots and prevent further attacks of advanced threats through comparison of information obtained with the C&C address database
  • Regularly update the botnet server addresses
  • Add prevention methods for C&C IP and domain addresses
  • Support TCP, HTTP, and DNS traffic detection
  • Add IP and domain whitelists

Note that this solution is available in the Base Version 5.5R5F2.