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Apr 2, 2023

Hillstone ADC V3.2: Robust and Simplified Application Delivery Controller


Hillstone Networks’ ADC (Application Delivery Controller) is a powerful product designed to manage traffic and improve application delivery. The latest version, Hillstone ADC v3.2, introduces a range of new features that further enhance its capabilities, making it an even more compelling solution for organizations seeking to improve their application performance, reliability, and security.

Highlights of ADC V3.1

Enhanced Server Health Check for Accuracy and Flexibility

ADC V3.2 introduces additional health check protocols on target servers, further expanding the scope of health checks, and providing a more comprehensive assessment of the status of servers using various protocols. These added capabilities help prevent any potential downtime.

In the event of a failed health check, offline policies allow administrators to configure the appropriate action to take for failover. This release adds a new offline policy for HTTP/HTTPS virtual servers, which returns the RST packet while dropping the SYN packet so that the client will close the connection immediately. It shortens response times and frees up resources on both the client and server sides.

Optimized Availability for Clusters and Server Pools

The new release supports additional failover IP addresses in batches and will allow the system to function correctly regardless of the main failover IP going down. This feature delivers higher availability in cluster failover scenarios.

ADC V3.2 also has the ability to synchronize the session persistence of the application layer within a cluster. If users are in the middle of an online session, the session persists even if the service is switched to a different node in the cluster. As such, a seamless user experience without any disruption is ensured, providing a more reliable and consistent service.

Furthermore, the new version allows for the configuration of conditions for determining the availability of a server pool. This enables enterprises to control the availability status of a server pool based on the number or percentage of available servers in it. This feature greatly improves flexibility in configuring server pool availability.

Additional Security for Application Layer Protocols

With the frequency and methods of cyber attacks continuing to evolve, it is essential to use encrypted protocols for communication. GSLB now supports DNS-over-HTTPS, which makes DNS queries encrypted and sent over HTTPS so that they are more difficult to intercept or eavesdrop on, enhancing the security and reliability of DNS queries.

Moreover, ADC V3.2 implements HTTP2.0 interactions between ADC and real servers. HTTP2.0 uses SSL/TLS encryption, as well as multiplexing which allows multiple requests to be sent over a single connection. This feature leads to reduced latency between ADC and real servers while  strengthening protection against potential attacks.

Streamlined System Operation for Reduced Operational Overhead

Searching for a specific configuration in a sophisticated system can be daunting or time-consuming. ADC V3.2 makes life much easier for administrators and operators by allowing them to easily search through a global and comprehensive search function, significantly enhancing the efficiency of locating configurations during the operation and maintenance process.

Another area of simplification is troubleshooting and debugging tasks. To help security admins accelerate troubleshooting and debugging SSL/TLS-related issues, the new version allows users to extract decrypted HTTPS messages from files captured by Tcpdump because it can record the TLS handshake process and the key in negotiation.

And to top it off, this new version greatly spikes the user experience with access from a web console, which provides an easier way to perform operations with command lines.

The new features make ADC V3.2 a powerful tool for enterprises to manage their applications effectively and efficiently. For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.