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Nov 30, 2021

Hillstone ADC V2.10 Combines Comprehensive Load Balancing Capabilities with an Enterprise-grade Secure Foundation


Hillstone Networks’ Application Delivery Controller (ADC) version 2.10 is here. This updated release adds new features to our ADC. Namely, our ADC will now integrate with K8S, possess enhanced link load balancing capabilities, and contain augmentation to the server link load balancing functions.

K8S Support. ADC V2.10 is now able to provide unified north-south traffic access for K8S in two different modes, known as the Ingress/Egress deployment mode and Service deployment mode. The integration with K8S improves the Cloud native load balancing capability and the proxy forwarding capability.

LLB Enhancement. Link load balancing has been augmented through its enhanced overloaded link detection capability, known as SmartDNS. Overloaded link detection is when traffic will be redirected to a predetermined link if a certain link under said jurisdiction has reached the pre-defined bandwidth.  SmartDNS can additionally determine how far a user is located from a data resource and adjust the load balancing function accordingly.

SLB Enhancement. Server load balancing has been enhanced through the additional capability of dual stack support and seamless transition between IPv4 and IPv6. By rewriting external links in a domain name format, IPv6 clients now have access to external IPv4 links. Additionally, surge protection of servers is now available through the SLB enhancement. If superfluous incoming data that exceeds the processing capacity of the server, the processing of data will now be queued and processed in a more normalized manner. This function protects servers from abnormalities caused by surges.

By adding the ADC to your cybersecurity scheme, you’ll gain powerful and critical load balancing capabilities for your assets. you’ll have a traffic director that will also serves as the glue that’ll combine your separate security products into a comprehensive infrastructure protection package for your business. For more information, contact your Hillstone sales representative or authorized reseller.