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Sep 14, 2021

Key Takeaways from Forrester’s Micro-segmentation Solution Analysis


Micro-segmentation is a leading technology that is imperative to allow greater visibility and control in regards to the granular east-west traffic within a network. We are grateful Forrester has classified Hillstone Networks as a growth-stage microsegmentation vendor in Q3 of 2021, based on age of each vendor, number of employees at each vendor, and number of years each vendor has been established in the micro-segmentation field.

The Hillstone micro-segmentation solution follows the host-based approach by deploying itself on participants’ devices within the virtualized environment. CloudHive can be integrated with popular VM platforms like VMWare and HuaWei’s FusionCompete

As far as implementation of a micro-segmentation solution. CloudHive begins with a simple automated asset discovery process, then follows it up with policy configurations, before closing off with a continuous optimization cycle. It can be difficult to onboard all devices instantaneously, so CloudHive creates the option for simplified onboarding and upscaling.

Forrester believes that businesses planning on deploying micro-segmentation solutions should take the following 4 precautions: Take baby steps when implementing a solution, create configurations that allow for automatic asset discovery, and accept that we now live in a post-breach world, where a strong network infrastructure is no longer enough to mitigate all threats and vulnerabilities.

Once again, we’re thrilled to be classified as a growth-stage vendor in the micro-segmentation field. We plan to continue expanding on micro-segmentation and integration of other ZTNA-based concepts in our solutions this coming year.