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Oct 17, 2019

Faster Response to Intranet Threat with the sBDS 2.8.1


We are proud to announce the release of the Hillstone Server Breach Detection System (sBDS), version 2.8.1. The sBDS 2.8.1 greatly improves its capabilities of fast detecting and responding to the intranet threats through customizable threat action rule, cloud-based threat intelligence push service, Sandbox and Anti-Spam detection. Moreover, it increases the number of configurable servers for the needs of customers with large amount of intranet servers.


  • Customizable Threat Action Rule
    • Improved real-time threat handling capability through automatic threat responding actions based on pre-customized plan.
  • Cloud-based Threat Intelligence Push Service
    • Increased the threat response capability by pushing the industry’s most serious threats through pop-up window and providing detailed information and solutions for threats.
  • Cloud Sandbox
    • Improved detection rate with cloud-based malware running environment.
    • Support threat detection for multiple network application protocols, multiple types of files, and global threat intelligence sharing.
  • Anti-Spam
    • Real-time spam detection, supporting multiple mail protocols, and quick detection of spam, malicious mass mailing, phishing email, etc.
  • Increased the maximum number of configurable servers
    • Increased from 64 to 256 for I2850
    • Increased from 128 to 512 for I3850