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Sep 14, 2022

Establish Broader Secure Network Edge with Hillstone A6800 and A7600


Hillstone Networks is pleased to announce the two new models of its A-series NGFW product line — A6800 and A7600 — Hillstone’s most high-end throughput performing NGFW. Their superior performances perfectly meet the needs of large enterprises, such as more firewall throughput to tackle connectivity limitations, more traffic offloading to relieve CPU pressure, and shorter forwarding latency to improve packet switching efficiency, bringing customers an unprecedented and extremely positive user experience.

Besides its proprietary hardware acceleration engine that addresses these issues, the new model maintains high standards in high-density interfaces, comprehensive threat protection, and advanced hardware design.

Hillstone proprietary hardware acceleration engine

With countless CPU-intensive tasks being performed on a daily basis, CPU is not only important, but also severely limited. As such, to avoid disruptions on the user-end, it is essential to leverage the existing hardware as efficiently as possible. This is where the hardware acceleration engine comes into play. The leveraged hardware acceleration engine alleviates CPU when processing intensive tasks through its powerful capability in traffic offloading, which helps the appliance focus on security services and perform more comprehensive security protection. Moreover, A6800 and A7600 can provide high throughputs of 200 Gbps and 280 Gbps and support ultra-low latency within microseconds in packet forwarding.

High-density interfaces

No one knows what the future holds, but we can do our part in trying to adapt and be ready for it. High-density interfaces help prep for the future by ensuring that hardware capabilities are not a limiting factor, while making sure the overall design is not too clunky. A6800 and A7600 have high-density interfaces up to four QSFP28, which can fully meet the current business needs while minimizing daily maintenance requirements. Beyond the fixed parts, the four types of expansion modules provide scalability to support future organizational growth.

Comprehensive threat protection

Modernized threats have increased greatly, both in terms of complexity, and in terms of volume. As such, simultaneously implementing a variety of security solutions is the best bet to secure this increasingly expansive and complex space. The A6800 and A7600 can create and maintain security efficiently by adapting to threats from multiple levels and phases. The superior threat protection for known and unknown malware is provided through Intrusion Prevention, IP Reputation, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Cloud Sandbox, and Botnet C2.

Advanced hardware design

If you’ve ever touched the surface of a device and it just happened to have been working continuously for a while, you’ll experience a disturbingly warmer-than-normal temperature. While such devices can indeed handle rises in temperature, it is essential to implement solutions that can regulate the level of heat generated. The front and rear-end ventilation design allow A6800 and A7600 to perform well in heat dissipation while maintaining good performance. In addition, its dual power supply design enhances the availability of new models to better adapt to complex working environments.

For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.