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Apr 25, 2024

Enhance Technology Solutions With Training and Awareness


Cybersecurity is a highly technical beast. It should be. Cyber-attacks exist because technology facilitates them. Therefore, the response to such attacks needs to be technologically sophisticated. But do not forget the human factor. Rather than relying on technology alone, enhance your organization’s tech solutions with user training and awareness.

Hillstone Networks frequently reminds blog readers that humans are the weak link in the cybersecurity chain. We say this with good reason: it only takes a single phishing attempt or one malicious link to completely bypass all the technology solutions a company has in place.

Hardware and software solutions can only do so much. They are not so perfect as to be able to thwart every cybersecurity attack the minute it begins. Threat actors know this. They also know that going after individual users is often easier than trying to bypass hardware and software controls.

Training Beyond the Seminar

Cybersecurity seminars are part-and-parcel with user training and awareness. But they are just one cog in a much larger educational wheel. Single-day seminars can prove invaluable for exposing users to the realities of cyber-attacks. But in order to achieve comprehensive training and awareness, organizations need to go beyond the seminar.

Shake Things Up

Hillstone Networks recommends shaking things up. Lectures supported by slide decks can be useful tools for disseminating certain types of information, but there are other options too. Organizations should consider interactive learning platforms, module-based learning, threat simulations, scenario-based practice exercises, and even gamification.

Train in Bite Sized Chunks

Giving users too much information in too short a time increases the likelihood of that information being forgotten in short order. Sometimes it is better to feed information in bite sized chunks, especially when topics are as complicated as network detection and response (NDR) and extended detection and response (XDR).

Tailor Content to Users

It can be helpful to tailor training content to users based on need. Users who do not need an in-depth knowledge of zero trust network access can probably get by with a basic understanding of their roles and permissions. Meanwhile, team members requiring more knowledge can sit through additional training.

Utilize Real-World Simulations

One of the best ways to improve training and raise awareness is to present real-world simulations. For example, expose users to a simulated phishing attempt. Leverage their responses to further train them in how to spot and respond to genuine phishing attacks.

Work on Cybersecurity Culture

Above and beyond mere training is the concept of building a culture of cybersecurity. With the right culture in place, awareness becomes organic. The culture encourages users to constantly be aware of potential threats. The right culture helps them to pay attention to the world around them, thereby making it more likely threats will be spotted in their earliest stages.

It is important to note that establishing a strong security culture requires buy-in from management. Whether it is a small business with a limited number of executives or a corporation with a full team in the C-suite, a lack of management support will trickle all the way down to the lowest levels. Leadership needs to be on board. Management needs to show they are on board as well.

Hillstone Networks is proud to offer the latest innovative cybersecurity technologies. We assist our clients with a variety of solutions ranging from firewalls to cloud workload protection platforms. Yet we do not ignore the human element.

Is your organization enhancing its technology solutions with user training and awareness? If not, feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can change things.