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Jul 9, 2023

Empowering Secure Network Management: Introducing LMS V4.0


We are excited to announce the release of the latest edition of our License Management System (LMS), packed with exciting features designed to elevate your network security management experience. In this blog post, we will go through the enhanced device and license management capabilities, as well as the streamlined system operation that this version delivers.

To efficiently manage your network security infrastructure.

Before V4.0, LMS only supported virtualization products such as vFW, vWAF, and vADC. However, as a license management platform, it is naturally desirable to expand the scope of managed products as much as possible. Therefore, in this version of LMS, we expanded product support by including vBDS (virtual Breach Detection System) management.

The expiration of device authentication can result in failed connections and loss of control over devices. This version introduces the ability to manually configure custom certificates used for virtual firewall devices, which ensures secure and seamless interaction between LMS and virtual firewall devices.

Previously, when there were discrepancies between the deployed license and the device license, deployment would fail. Now, LMS supports optimal automatic license distribution, prioritizing the installation on devices with the largest intersection of licenses. This feature eliminates the need for manual intervention and streamlines the license deployment process.

To minimize disruptions to ongoing operations, we have revamped the device restart process in LMS. By collecting device information on the requirements of the devices for certificate application, we can avoid unnecessary restarts and allowing you to choose the idle time for device restarts. This enhancement significantly reduces the impact on your existing business processes.

VSYS allows for the creation of multiple virtual systems within a single physical infrastructure, effectively partitioning the resources and functionalities. For virtual firewall devices running 5.5R10, LMS now offers support for managing VSYS licenses. This feature enables easy authorization and control over the virtual systems within your virtual firewall deployment.

To optimize your overall user experience.

Prior to V4.0, LMS supports for deployment on OpenStack, HUAWEI Cloud, and Ali Cloud. The new release expands the supported deployment platforms to include VMware vCenter V6.5 and V7.0. This broader compatibility ensures greater adaptability to various network environments.

As debugging and troubleshooting always require starting from error messages, the new version provides more insights into licensed logs, PHP errors, MySQL errors, MySQL tables, and MySQL HA, facilitating easier debugging and troubleshooting.

Keeping up with evolving security requirements, LMS now offers automatic updates for certificates used in network device authentication. This feature ensures that the certificates remain valid and extends their lifespan, minimizing potential security risks.

For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.