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Oct 15, 2023

Don’t Let TCO Force You to Compromise on Cloud Protection


Hillstone Networks CloudHive solution offers enterprises complete cloud protection that combines flexibility, scalability and fine-grained control. CloudHive does it all while helping enterprises maintain a reasonable total cost of ownership (TCO).

We believe it is possible to protect your cloud against any and all attacks without consuming too large a portion of your cybersecurity budget. Therefore, we are confident in encouraging you to not let TCO force you to compromise on cloud protection.

TCO is a very real concern. Companies need to be careful about how much they spend in every area. Cybersecurity is no exception. But it is also true that approaching cybersecurity on the cheap could lead to significant problems that, in the end, cost more than would have been spent on a solution like CloudHive.

When Your Security Is Inadequate

Inadequate security measures lead to a cloud being at risk. At the very least, a cyber security breach could lead to lost productivity while systems are shut down and the breach is addressed. Lost productivity translates into lost revenue and decreased profits.

The potential for lost productivity must be considered within the broader TCO equation. If potential losses could cost more than a proposed security solution, the right choice is a no-brainer.

Two additional considerations are:

  • Compliance – Organizations are required to comply with regulations, rules, and industry standards. Compliance costs money. Going on the cheap could mean a lack of compliance. Ultimately, a company could end up spending more to maintain compliance than it would have on a fully compliant cloud protection package.
  • Reputation – Any successful breach compromises an organization’s reputation. With lost reputation comes lost revenue and lower profits. It is something no enterprise can afford to risk.

The point here is that TCO is measured in more than just the costs of acquiring and implementing security solutions. It also includes the amount of money that could be lost as a result of a security breach. By preventing security breaches, organizations are preventing financial losses.

Maintaining Security and Managing TCO

Ideally, organizations want to maintain top-notch security while simultaneously managing their TCO. That is what Hillstone Networks CloudHive does. CloudHive blends industry-leading performance with unlimited scaling. We top it off with flexible CPU-based licensing so that organizations are only paying for what they need. That allows us to offer superior performance at a very reasonable TCO.

Managing TCO often boils down to four key things, the first of which is choosing the right security solutions. Every organization has unique needs and concerns. Security solutions should be matched to those needs and concerns with an eye on providing exactly what the organization requires without any fluff.

Good TCO management also includes:

  • Layered Security – A layered approach to security makes for better cloud protection by implementing multiple solutions to protect against any threat. More layers minimize risks and the potential financial losses that come with them.
  • Automation – Automation makes protecting a cloud environment more efficient all the way around. Mundane tasks can be automated so that security personnel can concentrate on more important things.
  • Training – No cloud protection platform can achieve maximum results without proper staff training. Security team members need to know how to use software before they can do so effectively.

It is possible to implement complete cloud protection while simultaneously managing TCO. Cost concerns do not have to force any organization to compromise security. Hillstone Networks CloudHive is proof of that. If you would like to know more about how CloudHive can keep your network and cloud safe, don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.