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Nov 12, 2020

Continued Enhancement to Hillstone’s Security Management Platforms: HSA, HSM


We are proud to announce the release of the Hillstone Security Audit (HSA) platform 2.10.0 and Hillstone Security Manager(HSM) 4.6.0.

HSA 2.10.0 release comes with a new high-end hardware model joining the product family which enables the storage of a large number of logs.

HSA-30D Highlights:

  • High performance in log processing:
    • Up to 270,000 EPS for binary logs
    • Up to 60,000 EPS for syslogs
  • High log storage with RAID50 support
    • NAT log storage for 180 days with 40 Gbps links
    • 100 TB hard disk with RAID 50 support
  • Dual power supply support for high availability

HSA 2.10.0 Software Updates:

  • System management via HSM
  • Password policy setup
  • Default admin credential configuration
  • The full support of StoneOS logs
  • The support of vendor field in the logs of firewall

In the HSM 4.6.0 release, policy assistant and centralized management of application delivery controllers (ADCs) are supported. More than that, some enhancement of security features, customizable configurations, and user-friendly maintenance optimizations are also included.

HSM 4.6.0 Features Highlights:

  • Policy assistant support
  • Centralized device management for ADCs
  • Encryptions of communication between HSM& firewalls
  • Password policy & default admin account management
  • Warning of insufficient hardware resource configured for vHSM
  • Optimization on ticketing system

To learn more about the solution, please refer to the Hillstone HSA Datasheet and Hillstone HSM Datasheet.