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Jan 25, 2022

Augment your NGFW Performance with A5000 Series


Hillstone Networks is delighted to announce the 4 newest models of its A-series product line: The A5000 series – ranging from the 32Gbps firewall throughput A5200 all the way up to the 80 Gbps firewall throughput A5800. These models satisfy the need for more throughput to tackle current connectivity limitations, the need for more advanced threat detection and protection to tackle unknown threats, and more malleable options for saving log data for future examination. The new A5000 series address these issues with its high-density interfaces, advanced threat protection, flexibility with increasing log storage options, and upgraded hardware design. Such capabilities render the models suitable for providing comprehensive enterprise security protection. With this announcement comes Hillstone’s most high-end throughput performing NGFW released to date.

High-density interfaces. The new models support QSFP+, SFP+, SFP, GE fixed I/O interfaces. With connectivity playing such a crucial role in today’s work environment, it is crucial that enterprises are offered flexible expansion modules to achieve better throughput.

Advanced threat protection. The new generation of A-series firewalls can detect and protect against known and unknown malware by leveraging tools via StoneOS 5.5R9. Such tools include Intrusion Prevention, IP Reputation, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Cloud Sandbox, and Botnet C2 Prevention through DGA detection. Through a mix of traditional methods and AI/ML-enhanced methods, the A-series will provide an extensive pre-breach, breach level, and post-breach mitigation solution.

Log storage options. The ability to store logs and bring them up in future analysis is key in breach level and post-breach mitigation strategies. As such, we allow for very flexible upscaling of the security workflow while being conscious of managing TCO. For example, the eMMC 8GB of standard storage can easily be expanded to the Hard Drive option, which can provide up to 2TB of additionally storage. This increase in repository allows for the extra storage of sandbox logs, network logs, events logs, and others, which are crucial for the thorough “see, understand, act” remediation process.

Upgraded hardware design. Hardware upgrades are an accurate baseline for measuring performance refinement. A5200, A5500, A5600, and A5800 all possess front and rear-end ventilation for efficient temperature management. To adapt to new connectivity needs and continued increase of network traffic, the A5000 models are equipped with SSL hardware decryption engines to help increase SSL decryption efficiency.

For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.