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May 2, 2019

Announcing the New Future-Oriented Data Center Firewall X9180!


The Hillstone X10800 has been proved to be a successful platform. Today, we are excited to announce the release of the X9180 Data Center Firewall that shares the same innovative, fully distributed architecture as the X10800, with smaller form factor, but even more efficiency. The X9180 is a flexible option for data centers customers in Carrier, ISP and Education verticals, with lower Opex, protecting customer investment. In addition, it delivers scalability for growth,  as the business demands.

Highlights and Benefits:

  • High Performance: 500 Gbps firewall throughput, 150 Gbps IPSec VPN throughput, 200 Gbps IPS throughput, 240 million concurrent sessions and 5.4 million new sessions/s guarantee high performance for data centers requirements.
  • High Reliability: The fully redundant hardware structure, supporting redundant SCM, SWM, power supply and fan, complete HA with twin mode deployment, provides Carrier Grade 99,999% reliability.
  • Comprehensive Security: The powerful application identification and control, IPS, Anti-virus, URL filtering, iQoS, etc., provide comprehensive security for data centers.
  • High Scalability: It supports 100GE interface; the fully distributed architecture allows linear extension and supports up to 3.2T throughput in the future.
  • High Efficiency: Smaller size and lower power consumption while providing the same performance and reliability; the front and rear ventilation design provides best heat dissipation for energy saving.