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Jan 15, 2019

Announcing the Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM) 3.2.0


We’ve amped up network protection with the latest updates to the Hillstone Security Management Platform (HSM/vHSM) with version 3.2.0. HSM is the centralized security management, configuration and monitoring solution for the Hillstone network security portfolio. With these updates, Hillstone delivers a comprehensive IPv6 solution, in conjunction with Hillstone security appliances. It also comes in a more eco-friendly size hardware platform HSM-500-D4.


  • Comprehensive IPv6 support:
    • IPv6-compliant security policy, NAT, address book configuration and management.
    • IPv6 log collection and query: HSM supports collecting and querying IPv6 logs, including NAT, SESSION, and PBR logs.
    • IPv6 monitoring data collection: HSM supports the collection, presentation, and query of monitoring data containing the IPv6 format.
  • Configuration optimization: HSM supports renaming of Next Generation Firewall services and service groups
  • Export of readable logs: HSM supports exporting of log query results to local drives, Window FTP/SFTP and Linux FTP/SFTP. The exported log package is in a .zip format. It can be opened and viewed through tools such as Notepad and WordPad, after decompression.

For more information, please refer to the HSM datasheet.