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Sep 4, 2018

Announcing the Hillstone CloudView 2.5


To drive compliance, ease of use and to mitigate threats real time, we are releasing a new version of Hillstone CloudView.

In CloudView v2.5, to streamline and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations in Europe, Hillstone has added a data center in Europe, in addition to its existing data centers in APAC and North America. The data center in Europe satisfies GDPR compliance by delivering a unique user and privacy protocol. Any user information is only stored on the local public cloud instance in Europe, and is not processed by any Hillstone server. This way, we protect user privacy per GDPR. In addition, the local data center gives users more access options, with improved link performance.

Alongside this investment in Europe, we have added other minor features with major benefits:

  • Increase in the trial period for CloudView professional version from 14 days to 45 days. This extension allows users to experience more features, including cloud inspection, over a longer period. It also helps users become more familiar with the product and their deployment environment.
  • CloudView v2.5 now also supports alarms for critical threats. Users get real time alerts in the event of a critical threat. This allows users timely access to details in order to take timely, appropriate action.

To learn more about CloudView, watch demo now.