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Jan 1, 1970

Announcing Enhancements to Hillstone Networks CloudView


Today we are announcing the release of Hillstone Networks CloudView, version 2.2. With this new upgrade, CloudView further enhances the security posture of the network and ensures overall business continuity for customers. Customers no longer need to go the traditional route of onsite inspection for security devices, making the solution even more efficient, timely, as well as saving the customer operational costs and overhead.

The features and benefits in this upgrade include:

  • Off-premises security inspection:
    • CloudView 2.2 supports manual and automatic cloud inspection services for the web interface as well as the app for online devices. It performs an in-depth analysis of 5 categories, encompassing 61 items that include: CPU, memory, resource, hardware status and operating environment, signature libraries and licenses, providing optimization and disposal suggestions for potential problems and risks, and outputting device inspection reports in real time or at regular intervals.
    • Administrators can set up intelligent inspection through rules. Once the rules are set up, the inspection will automatically start when an abnormal event occurs; for instance, when a rule is triggered. CloudView currently supports three types of custom threshold configurations: CPU utilization, memory utilization, and session utilization.
    • Multiple devices are now supported in parallel inspection for added protection. Administrators now have multiple devices running inspections simultaneously. The parallel operation saves time and improves overall efficiency.
  • Reports delivered to mobile application: With version 2.2, CloudView 2.2 supports viewing reports from the mobile app. This allows even more flexibility and access for administrators to have data at the tip of their fingers.
  • Joint operations across multiple administrators on the same device: For even greater efficiency, now multiple administrators can work together to deliver security on the same device. This allows for sharing tasks, ensuring that one administrator is not a bottleneck, and streamlining overall operations.

Read more about CloudView features and benefits on CloudView datasheet. You can access CloudView online or on your mobile by scanning the QR code below.

We are always improving the technology and the user experience in our solutions. This new iteration of CloudView is no exception. From streamlining operations, to improving the workday of security administrators, we are ensuring that administrators are armed with the appropriate tools to drive business continuity.