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Sep 17, 2019

Announcing a Further Enhanced Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (NIPS)


The latest NIPS version 3.2.1 delivers an important update to help security admins better understand threats for more targeted action. This update launches a cloud-based threat intelligence push service, which helps users quickly grasp the security protection information of current hot threats. In addition, a series of threat detection and prevention enhancements are also included.


  • Cloud-based Threat Intelligence Push Service: By pushing the industry’s most serious threats through instant pop-up windows and providing detailed information and solutions for threats, this feature helps Increase the admin’s knowledge of the threat as well as threat response capabilities.
  • Anti-Spam Whitelist & Blacklist: Enhanced Anti-Spam capabilities using sender whitelists and user-defined blacklist including both domain and email addresses further reduce spam.
  • DNS Sinkhole in Botnet C&C Prevention: By supporting DNS sinkhole configurations, this feature delivers improvements in Botnet C&C detection in multiple layered DNS scenarios.
  • Intrusion Detection: Improved intrusion detection rate by considering the “confidence” attribute of signatures helps reduce false negatives.
  • Monitoring: Monitoring functionalities are more robust with the addition of User Monitoring, Application Monitoring and Application Block sections.
  • IPv6: Optimized IPv6 functionality with support for synchronization with IPv6 NTP servers.
  • Threat Log: Improved the threat log readability by decoding URI and attack data information to reduce administrative overhead.