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In a world where the integrity of our databases and servers is integral to the smooth functioning of our business operational workflows, security and efficiency are both equally crucial. As such, we are pleased to release our minor update to the Hillstone ADC, now running as ADC V2.9.

As network traffic continues to increase, along with the usage of web applications, controlling network traffic flow at layer 4 and application traffic flow at layer 7 have both become even more crucial. Because of this changing phenomenon, we have upgraded our software performance with regards to layer 4 and layer 7 throughput.

This software performance upgrade has been simultaneously matched with a continuous focus on the enhancement on server load balancing.

Mail servers are heavily overloaded nowadays, as email is still the prominent medium of business communications. This is why ADC V2.9 now includes mail server load balancing to help streamlines a business’s primary means of communication. Combined with this upgrade is the continued improvement of intelligent link priority configuration and the introduction of a server passive health check. To expand further, our link priority configuration is similar to intelligent routing with our secure SD-WAN solution. The ADC V2.9 is able to evaluate which links are high priority and high quality, and deliver the traffic accordingly. We’ve implemented a non-intrusive way of detecting by including a passive server health check. Whereas an active server health check would have to wait for a necessary response from the server before determining if it is alive, a passive server health check can determine the status of a server more quickly by observing how its targets respond to connections.

By adding the ADC to your cybersecurity scheme, you’ll gain powerful and critical load balancing capabilities for your assets. Additionally, this traffic director will also serve as the glue that’ll combine your separate security products into a comprehensive infrastructure protection package for your business.

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