Malware Attack and Detection is a Cat and Mouse Game

Malware outbreaks have several characteristics: First, the vulnerabilities that are being used are 0-day or n-day exploits on commonly used software. The widespread use of these commonly used software means there are lots of potential targets. Because not everyone may patch their software in a timely manner, there are many unpatched systems on the network….

With Hillstone Multilayered Ransomware Defense, We Don’t “WannaCry”

In the morning of May 12th, a global outbreak of a large-scale extortion software incident made headlines, impacting a total of 99 countries, and at least 75,000 Windows computer systems. It affected Education, Medical and other critical institutions, and is continuing to spread rapidly. Background The ransomware is a new type called “WanaCrypt0r 2.0” and…