The proliferation of network applications brings new challenges to enterprise network security. As the boundaries between the various network threats become blurred, single and traditional security systems can no longer handle the increasingly advanced network threats. Hillstone Networks provides a robust and dynamic security protection system based on the next generation firewall products and Hillstone Subscription Security Services.

With Hillstone Subscription Security Services, Hillstone responds promptly to new virus and network attack threats, and provides real-time update of URL classification database and application identification database. Hillstone Subscription Security Services is a critical tool providing security protection for your network and systems.

Hillstone delivers to our customers a role-based application security firewall with bandwidth management, IPS, Antivirus, network access behavior management and security policy management. The Hillstone Subscription Security Services enables the customer to purchase a real-time, automatic and online upgrade license as needed to protect your network security. The updated threat databases will contain the software updates of Antivirus and IPS signatures, App identification signatures and URL’s to ensure network protection against the advanced threats.