Hillstone Networks, in collaboration with key technology partners, has created pre-packaged or pre-tested solutions that leverage partner technologies. For customers and VARs, our solutions reduce business risk, shorten time-to-market, and make Hillstone easier to deploy.

The Hillstone and Flowmon Joint Solution

Hillstone and Flowmon join forces to allow customers to build complete cybersecurity platform. The joint network security solution, consisting of the Hillstone Networks Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) and Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS), can effectively intercept cyber threats from the Internet and internal networks, defend against modern network attacks, and comprehensively monitor and protect the overall network security posture.

The Hillstone and Array Joint Solution

The joint solution from Hillstone Networks and Array Networks brings together the robust security benefits of the Hillstone CloudEdge Virtual Next Generation Firewall with the agility and performance of the Array Network Functions Platform to address today’s challenges with advanced threat protection that is both scalable and cost-effective.

Case study: The integrated solution from Hillstone and Array addresses the challenges faced by the university. A network function virtualization solution that meets all the requirements without performance compromise is now helping the campus deliver on their mission and serve their staff and students in a timely and secure way. Download Here

The Hillstone and Trend Micro Joint Solution

Advanced Threat Defense Platform Hillstone and Trend Micro offer a joint solution—the Advanced Threat Defense Platform—by integrating the industry leading Hillstone NGFW/iNGFW with Trend Micro’s leading breach detection technology. The Advanced Threat Defense Platform provides automatic threat identification, threat warning, and threat blocking.

The Hillstone Virtual Firewall Solution for AWS VPC

When integrated with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud service, the Hillstone SG-6000-VM virtual firewall is deployed as a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) gateway to provide comprehensive security protection to an enterprise customer using AWS. Companies deploying business on AWS, and creating a VPC service, can choose the Hillstone SG-6000-VM from the AWS portal.

The Hillstone Firewall Policy Management Solution

Compatible with the FireMon Security Manager Hillstone offers a highly effective solution for security policy management and optimization by integrating with FireMon’s unified security policy management platform. This solution provides configuration management, policy analysis and security auditing of Hillstone firewalls.

The Hillstone Cloud Data Center FWaaS Security Solution—FWaaS For OpenStack

Traditional Data Centers transforming into Cloud Data Centers imposes challenges to traditional security architecture. The Hillstone Cloud Data Center (DC) Security Solution for Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) provides protection for OpenStack-based public and private clouds such that tenants can use cloud services safely and securely by means of network isolation and policy protection.