Adding Intelligence to Security

Cyber attackers have become ever more advanced and sophisticated, using targeted, persistent, stealthy and multi-phased attacks, that can easily evade traditional security defense. Hillstone security product portfolios iNGFW, NIPS and sBDS use behavior-based technologies to detect advanced attacks and provide continuous threat defense for today’s networks. It uses statistical clustering to detect unknown malware, uses behavioral analytics to detect anomalous network behavior, and leverages the Hillstone threat correlation analysis engine to correlate threat events detected by disparate engines, along with context information to identify advanced threats.

With deep detection and threat analytics capabilities, Hillstone’s solutions provide customers with comprehensive visibility of the network risk status, and the capability to detect and block advanced threats such as Locky Ransomware. The Hillstone layered defense leverages several high-level security engines to protect against Ransomware threats: Antivirus (AV), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Advanced Threat Detection (ATD), Abnormal Behavior Detection (ABD) and Reputation Detection (RPD) and so on. With its layered defense, Hillstone’s security solutions can detect and mitigate even the most sophisticated and rapidly evolving ransomware variants at any stages.

Micro-segmentation for the Virtualized Data Center

As datacenters have evolved from physical to virtual, enterprise to cloud, the security challenges they face have evolved as well. The virtual cloud-enabled data center needs a new security strategy and solution that can cope with virtual demands with minimal performance impact. Micro-Segmentation is critical in ensuring security in the cloud. It addresses the gaps in visibility and control of traffic at the virtual machine level. Hillstone leverages micro-segmentation to provides unprecedented cloud asset and traffic visibility, reducing the datacenter threat surface to near-zero, and offers the dynamic deployment flexibility, elasticity, orchestration integration, business efficiency and cost effectiveness that today‘s virtual cloud environments require.

Hillstone CloudHive is an advanced security solution designed from the ground up for the demands of the virtual, multitenant, multi-cloud enabled datacenter. Using advanced micro-segmentation and a standard cloud orchestration API, CloudHive inserts its monitoring and security capabilities deeply and seamlessly into the virtual environment. It monitors and addresses all north-south and east-west traffic to detect, isolate and eliminate malware, potential data breaches and other security issues before they can spread across VMs, tenants and virtual networks.